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Need a new Landscape installed? We can help by installing one that will last for years thanks to our professional, trained crew.
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We welcome the opportunity to visit your project site and provide you with a free assessment, engineering analysis and proposal for a design-build package.


Our team of licensed engineers provide value engineering during the design phase up to securing permit and during the course of construction.


Upon securing a building permit, our team will construct the project per approved plans all the way through approval by the city.

Landscaping Design

Our team of landscaping specialists have been working in this field for many years, and have the exact training and expert knowledge needed to handle any type of landscaping project asked for. Plus, we bring in our design team to help advise you on how to style your front and/or backyard space, giving it a more unique look than the rest of your neighborhood.
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Landscaping Done Right.

From concept to completion, we work with you to create distinct, high-quality outdoor spaces that fit your lifestyle. We provide services to clients throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality work and exemplary customer service are the foundation of our business success.
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Sloped landscaping is often in need of a retaining wall to avoid erosion and drainage problems and provide support for near-vertical grade changes. Aside from these functional purposes, retaining walls can be an attractive addition to your yard. Whether you need a natural stone wall, stack stone wall, boulder wall or mortared stone retaining wall, we will take the time to design the project around your yard’s existing features, making it the ultimate outdoor living space. We have been doing design and installation of walls and pilasters for many clients in LA for years now. Our solid partnerships with the most trusted suppliers of first-class materials that come in a wide range of designs and types allow us to satisfy every possible design specification you could have.
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If you want to enjoy round after round of short golf games right in your own backyard, Auvor can help you achieve just that. We have been installing customized backyard putting greens and we know that it is more than just a layout of grass. There are contours to be considered, as well as the tiers and the level of the putting surface relative to the fairway. We also know the relationship between turf and golfing performance. Our clients choose us because we offer quality, expertise and experience, professionalism and workmanship. Every putting green turf that we install is built to the highest standard of playability and beauty.
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Steps and stairs can become the focal point of any area, as they are the very first thing we get to see. They are useful and should be big enough to catch attention, especially if you choose step treads and stair treads that are extraordinary. Also, treads are important for their visibility and functionality. We'll refer to the step treads as those used in the outdoors, while the stair treads are those used indoors. Our recommendation depends on whether it will be used outdoors or indoors, since there are varying needs for these two environments. At Auvor you will find a variety of stair treads and step treads or even risers that can be made out of any material. Our team of creative and experienced people will help you choose the best option that will complement your style and the area's overall look. Better yet, you can choose custom stair treads if you have a perfect design in mind. With us, designing and installing the perfect tread will be easy!
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Quality Installation

At Auvor Construction & Roofing, our four decades of experience have allowed us to fine tune our services to better serve you, while offering you exactly what you need, at an affordable price.

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Getting a new Landscape installed should be easy & enjoyable

1. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an on-site consultation with one of our Landscaping pros, which includes an inspection and a detailed estimate for your project and vision.

2. Inspection & Specifications

During the appointment, we will go thru the different colors, materials, styles & detailed price options.

3. Start Of Your Landscaping Project

You will meet our team of experts that will install your Landscape with extreme attention to details while keeping a clean & safe work area.

4. Your New Landscape Is Done!

This is the fun part! We’ll do a walkthru of all details and parts of your beautiful new project.

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