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Need a new Solar installed? We can help by installing one that will last for years thanks to our professional, trained crew.
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Put Solar Energy To Work On Your Home

Homeowners in CA are ideal candidates for solar energy absorption. If your area or utility offers net metering, you’ll receive a credit for the excess energy you produce, effectively reducing or eliminating your utility bill.
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How Solar Works:

  1. Sunlight strikes the cells of a solar panel causing electrons to flow & creating an electrical current.
  2. This energy is channeled into an inverter where it is converted from DC to AC power in order to provide energy to your home.
  3. If your area qualifies for net metering, you will be credited for excess energy generated.
  4. You can then use those credits later during hours of low sunlight.
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Get Solar Done Your Way

Choose Your Solar System Type

Grid-Tied Solar System

Solar panels are installed on rooftops where they can harness the sun's rays. When there isn't enough sunlight - such as at night time - you still get electricity by connecting through a grid connection. When it gets sunny outside and you produce more than your system needs, that extra energy goes back onto the grid so you can use it later!

Grid-Tied Solar System

The best of both worlds! Solar panels are installed on your roof, and the energy generated by them is used to power your home. When there's no sun shining, you first rely on stored solar batteries for energy before drawing power from the utility. And when you generate excess electricity you can still benefit from net metering.

Grid-Tied Solar System

Imagine how freeing it would be to live in a world where you are not tied to the grid, and have complete energy independence. Solar panels with battery backup provide all of your power needs when they're installed at your off-grid home, delivering clean renewable electricity day and night without any emissions whatsoever!

Getting a new Solar installed should be easy & enjoyable

1. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an on-site consultation with one of our Solar pros, which includes an inspection and a detailed estimate for your project and vision.

2. Inspection & Specifications

During the appointment, we will go thru the different colors, materials, styles & detailed price options.

3. Start Of Your Solar Project

You will meet our team of experts that will install your Solar with extreme attention to details while keeping a clean & safe work area.

4. Your New Solar Is Done!

This is the fun part! We’ll do a walkthru of all details and parts of your beautiful new project.

Trusted Solar Services

We’re here to make the entire process easier.

A window is installed on a stud wall with sheathing after the building wrap is in place. It is then attached using the nailing fin and integrated with the building wrap using flashing tape.

Our goal is to make sure you feel safe and secure under your roof, offering a complete guarantee on our work, unparalleled level of expertise, and exceptional customer service.
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Quality Installation

At Auvor Construction & Roofing, our four decades of experience have allowed us to fine tune our services to better serve you, while offering you exactly what you need, at an affordable price.

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We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Auvor Construction & Roofing guarantees to bring you the best solar experience possible. Call today to get a quote!
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